Scholarships are available to students in the 6th through 12th grade who are members of the Monday Musical Junior Club. The annual Junior Scholarship Competition is held in January.

The student must be a member of the Junior Club and their music teacher or parent must also be an adult member of Monday Musical Club.

2024 MMC Junior Club Scholarship Winner
Grace Yuan
2024 MMC Junior Club Scholarship Winner
Jared Schaub
2024 MMC Junior Club Scholarship Winner
Nick Pumani
2024 MMC Junior Club Scholarship Winner
Morgen Hammerschmidt
2024 MMC Junior Club Scholarship Winner
Alex Kwon


Monday Musical Club annually awards numerous Full and Partial Scholarships to summer camps and seminars (Interlochen, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Western Michigan University, University of Michigan, etc.) for middle school through high school youth.

Scholarships are offered to students from Berrien County whose Teachers &/or Parents are MMC members and who wish to attend an accredited State of Michigan summer music program or camp. Students of MMC Teachers &/or Parents may be eligible on a case by case basis. The Monday Musical Club Scholarship Committee determines how many scholarships may be awarded.

The Monday Musical Club (MMC) Scholarship Committee may offer Continuing Education Scholarships to music major candidates who have completed at least their first year and are working toward an accredited music degree. Only former members of the MMC Junior and Student Clubs are eligible.


• Applicant’s private teacher or parent must be a member of the Monday Musical Club for the preceding year.
• Applicant must also be a member of Monday Musical’s Junior Club in good standing for the preceding year:
      o No more than two absences the year prior to scholarship auditions (one absence may be made up by
attending a Monday Musical Concert Series program.)
      o Student must be present for the duration of each club meeting including the student recital and the Guest Artist Educator presentation.
• Scholarships are available for:
      o Piano, Strings, Winds, Percussion
      o Voice scholarships available for 9ᵗʰ-12ᵗʰ grade.
• Scholarship must be used with auditioned instrument at chosen camp.
• Applicant must have performed at Junior Club by memory once in the Spring and once in the Fall during the calendar year prior to applying on the auditioned instrument.

Scholarship Guidelines

• Perform two memorized pieces of contrasting styles.
     o Acceptable selections include original classical compositions from Renaissance to 20th Century Modernist.
     o One selection must be from the Baroque or Classical period. Contemporary or popular music does not qualify.
     o No arrangements or transcriptions.
• Performance time is limited to 15 minutes.
• Selections may not be repeated from previous years.

Scholarship Winners

• The Scholarship Facilitator will assist with camp applications.
• If the scholarship winner is not accepted at the camp of their choice, another camp may be chosen with the approval of the Scholarship Committee.
• Scholarship winners will perform at the Monday Musical Club Concert Series in May.
• Winners will share camp experiences at the Monday Musical Club concert series in October.

Promote, Encourage, and Develop the Performing Arts

MMC objectives include creating an understanding and appreciation of the value of music in the home, community, nation, and world.